In this category, we publish short term and swing trading ideas for the month of July 2021. We have a predefined list of growth stocks and swing trading picks are selected based of various technical chart patterns. Swing trading is a strategy for capturing short- to medium-term gains in a stock (or other financial instrument) over a few days to several weeks. Technical analysis is generally used by swing traders to find trading opportunities. In addition to monitoring price trends and patterns, these traders may use fundamental analysis.

Stock 1: RFC – Target 1: 100 , Target 2: 120, Stop Loss: 80 on closing basis

Stock 2: Dhani Services – Target 1: 200 , Target 2: 220, Stop Loss: 160 on closing basis

Stock 3: IFGL Expor – Target 1: 440 , Target 2: 480, Stop Loss: 380 on closing basis

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