Markets giving new peaks every month. Investors waiting to get inside are seen loosing patience and entering with frustration. This suggests that we have covered more than 70% of the rally now . Markets might peak sometime in 2016 as most of us expecting. With the history suggesting that bear markets come every 7 years, one has to approach with caution.

where do we stand now ?

Cera – PE Investors interested to make an entry even now. Real wealth creation for investors. Hold.

LaOpala – Long term story playing out.

Mayur – Same as above.

Sequent – No trigger left for further up move. Should see numbers improving on the ground for further price action.

Dhanuka – Potential future.

Ashoka – Budget should give further more business.

Vardhman – Good company. Not having craze on the market. Patience investors can hold. Others can shift to better options, if any.

Patels – Expecting better reults from H2.

Gulshan – Fundamentally no changes. Shareholder friendly actions like dividends, NSE lisiting. Should create wealth for long term investors.

Lloyd – The best is yet to come.

Aro granite – Should perform better in future with interest rates falling, and economy picking.

Talbros – Promoter still thirsty. Price within range !

Ganesha – Risk takers should continue to hold.


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