If you look at our debt, we have $1 billion, but our net debt now, I think, in December ’20, it’s only about $800 million plus. So our target is to reduce in the next few years because, as we said, we don’t have any major CapEx. Like Gerry was mentioning earlier, in the last several years, almost — I would say, almost 7, 8 years, we were continuously investing on CapEx, and we want to bring down that. And so we should have improved cash flow, both from our normal cash flow as well as these new projects that are actually going to — basically also should throw up some cash. So based on that, we do expect to reduce our debt. And I cannot comment on how much exactly we can say, but we do expect that it should come down. Our target debt-to-EBITDA ratio should be to be well below 2.5, is our target to be as soon as possible. And also, we want to bring down our average interest rate to about to 4%, which we are hopeful that we can do it in the next 1.5 years

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