How many of you are using Colgate?. How long you have been using it?. Most of us would be saying – “I have been using Colgate from my childhood”.  The answer would be same for 99% of us.

Now answer below questions as well

  • When you built your house, which companies sanitarywares you bought?
  • When you built your house, which companies electrical fittings?
  • What about your first car?
  • What about your daily used soap? 
  • In which bank you have your fixed deposits?
  • Your car’s tyre?
  • Your favourite cookie?
  • Your mobile partner?
  • and the list goes on….

Just thing about the products wehave been using for the last 10-15 years..And just imagine if we had bought the stocks of these companies, by now we would have been in a position to lead our retirement life peacefully. 

Below data is prepared by our Master Portfolio member Vijay Kedia. Have a look!!


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