Investors should keep a track of the results for the companies they own. Reviewing once a quarter is always good for stocks in midcap/smallcap space.

We don’t find it necessary to give an update when the market receives the results in a good sense. However when things go in the opposite direction we feel its important to share the views . Hopefully by doing this we can avoid the mistake of selling and repenting later. Our retail investors are always good at this !!

Well ARO has given a good set of numbers.  There is top line and bottom line growth , which is more important to us. The EPS is adjusted for the bonus shares which the company gave last year. 

Half yearly approximate NP is at 11 Cr  v/s 7 Cr. With long term borrowings coming to zero, there is absolutely no logic for the fall as we see it.

Now we did recommend so sell 25% holdings earlier. No change in the opinion. One can hold the remaining.

Do you want to add more at lower rates or not depends on ones own conviction.

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